10 / 10 Vaccines 1

Woohoo, i’ve had 10 out of the 10 vaccines i require now!

I counted it and in 2008 so far i’ve had 15 injections (including dental injections), enoughs enough, i’m not a pin cushion damn it!

We’re just finishing off our last week at work right now, and then we fly to Munich on Sunday morning.

It’s getting close now…

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  1. Reply La faille du mont Dec 19,2008 21:08

    Hi James and Christina!!
    It is coming closer know, really it is!!!

    Martin and I wish you the best of luck, a very beatifull holiday moments with Christina’s family before leaving for India.

    We will stay in touch by looking sometimes at your blog. We are planing to make a big trip, but we don’t know yet where… maybe you will give us some good ideas…

    Love, health and hapiness!

    Martin and Audrey :))

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