Building the RSGB PSK31 20m Centenary Kit

The RSGB PSK31 Centenary Receiver kit was released to celebrate the RSGB’s 100th year centenary and to encourage construction and interest in amateur radio. These kits have been constructed in schools and are proving popular in buildathons. The kit is a relatively simple (but effective) PSK31 receiver which you can connect to your computer, Raspberry Pi, smartphone or tablet. I’ve always been interested in construction and the bonus keywords of PSK31 and Raspberry Pi really caught my attention!

You can order the Centenary PSK Receiver board and crystals directly from the RSGB (£6.79 for members, £7.99 for non-members)

The kit and components ready to go

If you can’t be bothered to pull together the individual components for the kit you can order these directly from Spectrum Communications. It would have been easier for the home constructor if the RSGB had supplied a complete kit but maybe they didn’t want to bother making up component bags!

Construction Notes

This kit was put together with the intention that even beginners could complete it successfully  in fact RadCom had a picture on the front cover of a school class constructing the kit back in the November edition. The kit didn’t pose any problems for me and the spacing between components was very generous so no risk of solder bridges!

Partly built kit

Partly built kit

The soldering took me 1.5 hours to complete, this is definitely a kit you can complete leisurely in an evening.

See the construction notes for full details of the build.

In Use

After plugging in the antenna and listening using headphones I could definitely hear the warbling of PSK31 on the popular 20m spot, it works! My next steps are to connect this to my Raspberry Pi and then my SmartPhone. To be honest given that I already have my rigs setup for PSK it won’t see much use but it’s an interesting build none the less.

The completed kit!

The completed kit!

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