Magic Band Contesting Setup 3

Magic Band Contesting Setup
Back in June I took part in the Worked All Britain 6m contest alongside the RSGB 6m Trophy. I shot a video showing my portable contesting setup for the 6m band, alongside some summertime Sporadic-E DX.  It also features a special time lapse of the station tear down at the end 🙂

Worked All Britain Awards so far 2

Worked All Britain Awards so far
Of late I’ve been focussing on working stations across the UK for the various Worked All Britain (WAB) awards, for me this adds some incentive to work local stations on both HF and VHF. It’s especially convenient as I spend more time working with NVIS and ground-wave propagation than I do regular F layer DX. I’ve ...

Going for Gold with the WAB Award Scheme 9

Going for Gold with the WAB Award Scheme
I’ve been a member of Worked All Britain (WAB) for a number of years, and have been actively collecting “squares” since 2014. For those unaware Worked All Britain is an awards scheme based around working amateurs within the United Kingdom, while collecting squares, which are simply the UK divided up into 10x10km squares. My operating mostly ...