Christmas in Munich

We’re in Munich now!

On Saturday we moved out of our flat in Highbury and suddenly realised while walking down the street that we are officially homeless for the next six months. A very strange feeling, but quite liberating as well.

We flew to Munich yesterday, and were greeted by loads fo rain. Apparently for the last two weeks it was snowing all the time, but just befiore we arrived the temperature went up and the snow has turned to rain.

Today we went to the Thai embassy here in Munich and got our visas for Thailand. Previously i got the visa on arrival at Bangkok airport, but we can’t do that this time because we don’t fly out of Thailand, as we’re leaving via a land border crossing into Laos. It was still very easy to get the visa, took about 15 minutes in total without any kind of appointment, which was useful as the embassy was only open for another half an hour! The price was ok as well, it cost us 25 euros for a 60 Day single entry tourist visa.

We now have the Indian, Thai and Vietnamese visas. The rest we will obtain en-route in Asia.

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