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A number of abbreviations are used during an average PSK31 QSO, these are all borrowed from Morse code abbreviations. These may be familiar to you if you’ve had any CW experience, but for me this was all new so i had to learn it from scratch. The initial PSK31 contacts i decoded were a little hard to follow as a result…

Here are the abbreviations i’ve encountered the most during the average PSK31 QSO, you may see others in use but knowing these will get you a long way!

  • CQ = Calling Stations
  • CUL = See You Later
  • BTU = Back to You
  • DX = Long Distance Contact
  • FB = Fine Business (good)
  • FER = For
  • GM = Good Morning
  • GD = Good Day
  • GE = Good Evening
  • HW = How do you copy
  • HI = Humour Intended
  • K = Over
  • KN = Over (and only the station addressed should respond)
  • OM = Old Man (used to refer to any male operator)
  • PLS = Please
  • PSE = Please
  • RCVR = Receiver
  • RST = Signal Report (readability/strength/tone)
  • RSQ = Signal Report (readability/strength/quality)
  • SK = Silent Key (used at the end of a QSO – means you’ve finished transmitting to the other station)
  • TNX = Thanks
  • UR = You Are
  • W = Watts
  • WX = Weather
  • XCVR = Transceiver
  • XYL = Wife
  • YL = Young Lady
  • 73 = Best Regards
  • 88 = Love & Kisses (i’ve only had one contact that used this & she was a YL)

To see some of these abbreviations in action read my Beginners Guide to PSK31 Macros

7 thoughts on “Common PSK31 Abbreviations

  1. Reply Richard Sep 27,2017 07:03

    Great info – just one suggestion: Never use “88” with a German station. For them, it means something very different. The letter “H” is the 8th letter in the alphabet, so it’s the equivalent of “HH”, or “Heil Hitler”.

    Ridiculous, I know, but that’s how it is there.

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  5. Reply Mario Jan 26,2020 20:11

    Nice info. you have here !

    keep the good work.

    hasta la vista BB ! 73

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