Did I Achieve My Amateur Radio Targets for 2015? 1

It’s that time of year again when I assess how I got on with my Amateur Radio Targets that I set at the start of the year.

I did this at the end of last year and found it good for recapping on my achievements and assessing my level of procrastination! It also actively spurs me on to achieve my years targets as I know if I don’t meet them I’ll face public shame via the Internet.

My Year in Stats

I was pretty active across the bands from 160m through to 70cm, with the only band not used being 30m. I made around 2200 (mostly SSB) QSO’s during the year under my own callsign and probably another couple of hundred under club calls. This equates to 56 DXCC’s, although DXing was certainly not my focus for 2015.

Here are my stats from 2015:

  • 2200 QSO’s made
  • 14 bands used
  • 56 DXCC’s
  • 79 SOTA activations
  • 5 prefixes operated from (G/GW/EA1/EA2/EA8)

1. Use the VHF Bands (Pass!)

This target has been well and truly met. I have been active on 6m, 4m, 2m and 70cm’s. Mostly during RSGB contests, taking part in a lot of the UKAC’s, but also from various SOTA summits.

2m FM has become my go to for minimal SOTA activations. It’s a lot lighter than carrying HF gear to a summit and quicker to set everything up. If the summit has a good takeoff and a city/town nearish then chances are it’ll be easy enough to make the necessary four contacts.

The 2m SOTABeams Dipole Doing the Business Again

Activating Kinder Scout in the Peak District on 2m FM

Tonna at Sunset

My 6m UKAC contest setup at dusk back in June


I took part in the RSGB VHF National Field Day this year with the Drowned Rats Radio Group using the callsign M0HRF/P and it was fascinating to see the array of antennas that were constructed. It also left me astonished as to how many DL stations can be worked on 70cm’s when you have 2*21 element Yagi’s in a good spot.

Putting final touches to the 6 ele 6m Yagi

Putting final touches to the 6 ele 6m Yagi

The site at dusk

The VHF NFD site at dusk

2. Start Copying CW (Fail!)

Well this didn’t get done! I briefly started learning one or two letters but I lacked the conviction to really want to learn Morse.

I understand I can work better DX using QRP power than SSB, but that still wasn’t enough when I was still having fun with SSB!

3. Have a Satellite QSO (Fail!)

I made some progress on this. I joined AMSAT, purchased an Elk Antenna for satellite work and read up on the theory…. but I’ve yet to give this a go.

This one will roll over to 2016!

SOTA Certificate - 100 Activator Points4. Reach 100 SOTA Activator Points (Pass!)

I met this one easily, in fact I had this one nailed by the 21st of February. This was mostly down to me activating a number of summits in the Canaries during January. I visited 3 islands and activated 14 different SOTA summits.

At the end of 2015 I have over 250 activator points and can apply for the next certificate up. To be fair most of my focus during 2015 was on activities related to Summits on the Air. In fact amazingly I did 79 SOTA activations in one year, I’m quite surprised by this number!

5. Activate SOTA Summits in 5 Associations/Countries (Pass!)

As of the start of 2015 I had only activated 2 SOTA association in England (G) and Portugal (CT). At the end I’ve activated a total of 6 meeting my target of 5. Three new ones came from the North of Spain (EA1/EA2) and the Canary Islands (EA8).

I can now apply for the Bronze Mountain Explorer award, but will hold off until I get to ten. I’ve still not activated any in Germany despite visiting several times a year 🙂

Association Summits Activated Total Summits % Complete
CT/AL 1 8 12.50
EA1/CT 2 113 1.77
EA2/BI 2 59 3.39
EA8/LA 10 27 37.04
EA8/LP 3 4 75.00
EA8/TF 1 19 5.26
G/CE 2 5 40.00
G/DC 2 7 28.57
G/SC 8 13 61.54
G/SE 6 15 40.00
G/SP 2 16 12.50
G/WB 5 23 21.74
GW/MW 4 40 10.00
GW/SW 22 41 53.66

6. Beat G0POT’s UKAC Score (Fail!)

Well I put up a good fight for someone with no VHF contesting experience and actually no contesting experience in general! It was a steep learning curve and Michael G0POT beat me to it. After changing sites I started to put in respectable scores, before a QRO station set-up opposite and bathed me in RF, then I lost the will to enter!

Final 6m UKAC scores for 2015

Final 6m UKAC scores for 2015

7. Continue working Portable & QRP (Pass!)

As you can guess from my SOTA activations I certainly passed this in 2015. I spent much more time operating /p than from my home shack. SOTA activations, WAB trigpoint activations, VHF contests and even some casual summer evening SpE operation saw to that.

This was all done with 10w or less.

8. Have a SSB QSO in German (Fail!)

I didn’t manage this one, I did exchange basic greetings and signal reports in German but not much more.

9. Build HardRock 50W Amplifier (Fail!)

I completely failed this, it stills sits as it did at the end of 2014… half finished 🙁


2015 has been a blast, I’ve experience a broad spectrum of the hobby and learnt loads. I didn’t complete all of my targets, but they’re just that, targets, something to aim for. Thanks to everyone I’ve had a QSO with and thanks to all my readers. Now looking forward to 2016 🙂

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