Go Goa Go 2

We left Mumbai at 6:55am on the 2nd of January on a train heading to Goa. It’s at the times when you have to wake up at 5:45am and carry a heavy backpack around looking for your train, that you debate whether you made the right choice to do this thing for six months!! But we were fine after some food on the train. We first of all got on the wrong carriage, i think the unreserved section, and people were trying to help us, that’s the kind of difference in attitude that we’ve loved about India so far, people genuinely want to help and are friendly. It’s a shame that wasn’t our carriage as i’m sure we would have had a lot of interaction with the locals, our carriage instead was a sleeper carriage, and not really too interesting. Although i did have a fun time half hanging out of the train door watching the countryside go by. The train journey is about 12 hours from Mumbai to Goa, but the food on board is excellent, and i’ve never had so many offers of Chai or Coffee.

This will be our second day we stay in Goa, we’re currently in the state capital of Panaji, which has a real portugese feel to it, most houses are built using the same architecture, except for the monkey god temple (hindu) we visited that earlier, that it’s safe to say was not in a portugese style.

We’ve just eaten our evening meal in a sweat little side street shack, where we were served a Veg Thali for 20 Rupees (around 30p!), it was just one sweet old little Goan man serving and doing the cooking, i really like shunning the usual tourist restaurants now and again, i don’t think i’ve ever met such a sweet old man!

Tomorrow we’re going to attempt to get to the beach village of Arambol which is the Northern most beach in Goa, it’s supposed to be quiter and lest touristy than other areas, and has a number of gracefully aging hipppies in residence. The transport will probably be via two buses, which i look forward to, as todays one to Old Goa town was interesting, and i made a friend on board. You really can’t help but make friends here, never have i met such warm people.

It’s going to be a great six weeks in India, if first impressions are correct.

2 thoughts on “Go Goa Go

  1. Reply Mike Jan 4,2009 12:06

    Really good to hear you are enjoying yourselves, and that India is treating you well. As you know, I would agree that getting up anytime before 6am is a jutified reason to question all things; tea and coffee seem to help. Happy new year!

  2. Reply Quoc Huy Jan 6,2009 17:08

    Lucky you man!
    Enjoy it as much as possible!

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