GoPro SOTA Video from Y Garn (GW/NW-004) 2

After my activation of Elidir Fawr (GW/NW-005) on the 11th of April I walked across the ridge to the neighbouring summit of Y Garn (GW/NW-004). This was to be another 2m FM activation, but I wasn’t complaining the VHF takeoff is phenomenal from these two locations.

I recorded another activation video using the GoPro which says more than I can with words:


The QSO’s

After a short mid-week pileup of 11 stations I finished working 4 DXCC from this location. Best DX was with Don down in Devon, 273km including cross-polarisation losses – that’ll do!

Time Call Band Mode
14:38z 2W0GWK 144MHz FM
14:39z GW4ZPL/P 144MHz FM
14:41z M0WBG 144MHz FM
14:42z GW0PLP 144MHz FM
14:44z G0RQL 144MHz FM
14:46z MW6OTT 144MHz FM
14:47z GD0BFN 144MHz FM
14:49z G6LKB 144MHz FM
14:51z M6HPE 144MHz FM
14:53z 2E0JCM 144MHz FM
14:58z EI9GLB 144MHz FM

Thanks to all the chasers and to the sun for shining, quite rare in Snowdonia!

View of Snowdon from Y Garn Summit

View of Snowdon from Y Garn Summit

2 thoughts on “GoPro SOTA Video from Y Garn (GW/NW-004)

  1. Reply Miguel May 29,2017 19:12

    Very nice video indeed.
    Where can I upload the software you are using for your log.

    • Reply James Stevens May 30,2017 08:33

      Hi Miguel,

      It’s called RumLog NG and it runs on the iPad. You can grab it in the app store.

      73 James M0JCQ

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