Power Supply Connectors for Ham Gear

PSU Power PolesWhen i first became a ham one of the mysteries of the hobby was how to properly connect the bare wire transceiver power leads to the Power Supply Unit (PSU). This wasn’t something that was covered by the foundation license and was just assumed knowledge.

Embarrassingly i initially just wrapped the power leads around the PSU poles, which worked but wasn’t a neat solution!

I knew i needed some kind of connectors i could solder to the power cables, but what on Earth were these called? I searched eBay using various search terms with no luck and then one day i walked into Maplin’s (an electrical shop here in the UK) and there they were right in front of me “Eyelet crimp connectors“:

Maplin Eyelet power Connectors











Of course i purchased the size that looked like it could accommodate the power leads for my Flex 3000, ICOM 7100 and Elecraft KX3 transceivers. I rushed home and proceeded to solder and crimp them in place, below you see the cables for the KX3 (left) and ICOM 7100 (right):

Soldered Power Connectors







Here’s the finished thing, much neater than the previous solution:

Connected PSU Power Poles







Another amateur radio related frustration solved, life is tough when you don’t have an older ham you can ask!

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