Heading in one direction

We’ve now done the state of Kerala, and had a really great time cruising through the lush tropical back waters on numerous boats. It’s been really beautiful here, and the people are very friendly and relaxed. We got talking to some lovely villagers the other night who invited us to have dinner with them. They lived on a small island within the backwaters, they were very nice people indeed.

We stopped off at an Ashram on the way to Kollam, dedicated to the femal guru named Amma, probably better known as the “hugging mother”. To give it a fair comment it wasn’t the place for us and we moved on after one night. It was interesting to see the inner workings of the Ashram, which houses over 3000 people.

We’ve now seen more palm trees than any person can bear to see, literally millions of them. We’re heading to North India on the 16th which will involve mega long train journeys (48 Hours+) and even longer distances (1000km+), we’ll be glad once that journey is over as it’s been hanging over us for a while now.

We saw red pineapples today while in a canoe in the backwaters, very strange thing, i reckon the locals have just spray painted a normal pineapple. But it seems there’s red varieties of everything in Kerala (pineapples, bananas, rice), i guess it’s very apt given it’s a communist state!

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