Kommunist Kerala 2

We’re now in the very south of India in the communist state of Kerala, it’s really strange that only one state is communist, but you know when you’re here as there’s red flags (with the hammer and sickle) everywhere! I should wear my Che Guevara t-shirt but it’s far, far too dirty, as are all my clothes. I especially bought a new t-shirt in Goa as i had no clean ones left. I really, really need to do some washing!!

The train journey down from Goa was interesting, the trains departure in Goa was delayed by a few hours, but we got chatting with a number of people and the time flew. We traveled pretty much 3rd class, but it was an experience, cockroaches crawling around, handcuffed criminals and begging lepers! I would call that exciting. We met some other travelers in the same carriage and had a bit of sing along (accompanied by a mandolin and Buddhist hand bells), that got most of the carriage involved, or at least starring.

We’re now in Alleppey which is a small town/village that pretty much leads straight into the extensive backwaters. We rode through the quiet backroads today on bicycles, and relaxed as the palm trees and the river side went past. It’s absolutely stunning, and is just how i imagined Kerala to be.

Tomorrow we’ve hired a houseboat that will take us further into the watery landscape for 22 hours, which will mean that we sleep onboard, it’s by far the most expensive thing we’ll do in India but it’s a must do thing, and we are looking forward to a relaxing journey watching the mangroves and small villages go by, especially as we’re starting to feel like endurance travellers!

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  1. Reply Souvik Jan 14,2009 06:43

    Hey Jamie, Happy new year 2009. I’ve been through all your blog entries, and I really feel happy that you liked India…err..well except the cockroaches, dogs on beach, cows…:D horns, well I myself don’t like them either. But they are there, co-existing with the good side of it, as you said.

    Me, Anjangi and Prasun would really like to speak to you while you are in India, do you have any No. here? We’ll definitely call you before we leave for UK on 19th if every thing syncs up properly.

    Again, wish you a very happy rest of your trip and do keep updating your blog, cos I really like them 😀


  2. Reply James Stevens Jan 14,2009 11:30

    Thanks for your message Souvik. Happy new year to you too.

    We’re just about to head up towards Hydrabad on the 16th and then probably on to Delhi after that.

    I don’t actually have any number that i’m reachable on while i’m traveling, just the blog and email. It would have been really cool to meet up with all of you in Kolkutta, but seems like the timings are just a bit too late!

    Enjoy your time in London, say hello to everyone else as well 🙂


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