Maldives: Top 10 Interesting Facts

Back in November we went to the Maldives for a week of sunshine and relaxation. We visited Chaaya Island Dhonveli which is part of the North Male Attol. Before leaving i prepared a list of interesting facts to help my wife guess where we were going (it was a surprise holiday for her). I compiled this list through internet research and thought i’d share them as they’re pretty interesting:

  1. The official local country name is Dhivehi Raajjeyge Jumhooriyyaa
  2. It holds the record for being the flattest country in the world.
  3. It’s previously been a colony of the Portugese, Dutch and British.
  4. Smallest country in Asia but the most dispersed (across 90,000 sq. km)!
  5. It was  the first country in the world to hold an official presidential cabinet meeting underwater.
  6. Adult Literacy rate is 99%
  7. Only 4ft above sea level (on average).
  8. 2000 fish have been identified in the Sea
  9. It has 1199 coral islands
  10. Total population is only 294,000
Chaaya Island Dhonveli

Chaaya Island Dhonveli


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