Mental Mumbai

We arrived safely in Mumbai at 1am on the 31st December, the plane ride was smooth and no problems until we had to land, and we had to circle Mumbi a few times. What really struck us about Mumbai was the shear amount of homeless people throughout, from the taxi we drove past streets and streets full of people sleeping rough. We’d heard a lot about the slums of Mumbai, but no one ever mentions the completely homeless. We got dropped off at the CST train station, and then walked around for about half an hour looking for our hotel. We were pretty worried really as we were having to walk past some dodgy characters, but all was well and we found the place in the end. The night time temperature was around 25 degrees and when we’d left Munich it was -7 degrees, that was a shock.

We spent another two days in Mumbai, enjoying the city and the amount of energy there, crossing the road is a lot of fun, 5 lanes of traffic, everyone using their horns all the time, and two stupid western foreigners running for their lives!!

The first thing that we learnt about the Indian people was how friendly and warm they are, they often just say hello and start talking to you in the street, it’s really nice to have such friendly local people when you’re travelling, and i have to say the hastle you get warned about before you go, is nothing compared to Morrocco.

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