Pushkar Paradise

We’re now in the desert town of Pushkar in the state of Rajahstan. The temperature is hot again here after several cool days in Delhi and Agra, so liking that đŸ™‚

We arrived in Pushkar on Saturday at 9am after leaving Jaipur on a 5:55am bus, and we’re leaving at 12am tonight on a sleeper bus bound for Udaipur.

Pushkar has been the most amazing place we’ve visited in India so far. It’s a town built around an ancient lake set on the outskirts of the desert (sand everywhere!) surrounded by steep cliffs. The place has an amazing atmosphere to it, very special place indeed. Many Hindu pilgrims come here from all over India, and on the 1st morning we received a Hindu blessing at the holy lake by two Brahman priests, that was pretty darn cool. We climbed to the top of a random hill yesterday at sunrise to visit a temple located on the top, that was well worth the early start, as we could see all around as we were so high, and there were loads of Monkeys about. What wasn’t cool was kicking a freshly laid cow poo on the path up, whilst wearing open toe sandals, i really, really could have done without that!!

Yesterday we had quite a relaxing day (for a change) just wondering through the streets having loads of random encounters with priests, shop owners and two american girls (who we’ve met twice before in Agra and Jaipur!).

I’m really starting to miss garlic bread, it’s the first craving i’ve had for some home food since we started, except for general meat as we’ve both gone vegetarian for India. Turning veg for India is actually really easy as there’s so much veg food here and so many delicious curries. The town we’re currently in doesn’t serve any eggs let alone meat due to it being a holy place.

We’re starting to look forward to Nepal now as we’re well into our trip through India. That’s going to be awesome, but several travellers have told us that some trekking routes will be closed due to snow. We’ll see what people are saying once we get into Kathmandu and work out our trip from there!

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