QRPp Experiments on the 60m Band Using the Elecraft KX3

On Sunday I went out portable with my Elecraft KX3 to see if I could make some inter-G contacts on the 60m band. 40m wasn’t supporting NVIS and the Worked All Europe (WAE) contest was dominating 20m, so my QRP station was struggling to be heard with only Cyprus and Asiatic Russia worked on 10w, despite lots of freaky long path Asian DX on the 20m band!

Lowering the power to 100mW

Lowering the power to 100mW

Within the sanctuary of the contest free and channelised 60 meter band I was able to make two SSB QRPp contacts using power levels down to 100mW. The first one was within G with Alan G4PPW, we had a good ragchew before I tried dropping the power down incrementally from 10w, down to 5w, 1w, 500mW and ultimately 100mW. At the lowest power level of 100mW he was still receiving me 56, quite incredible.

Straight afterwards Henk PA2S called in from Holland saying he’d been listening for a while, while optimising his 60m antenna and was thankful for the long overs. I was keen to try the test with a more distant station and here’s the result:

I’m constantly amazed at just how low you can drop the power when the 80m/60m and 40m bands are supporting NVIS propagation. I’ve previously gone this low on 40m (see post) and 10m (see post) but it was nice to be reminded of the magic and try it on a new band.

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