QRPp Experiments with 100mW SSB on 40m 7

Full Moon & QRPp FunYesterday I was up at the SOTA summit of Wendover Woods for a night time activation, despite the cold it was very interesting. I made 44 QSO’s in total including some very enjoyable rag chews.

After finishing a QSO with Michael G0POT, Tony 2E0TSA/P was waiting. He was one of the few other people crazy enough to be out portable at this time of year let alone at night!

He was only using 3W out and was a very good 59 signal into the summit so I decided to crank down from my QRO of 10W from the Elecraft KX3 and try descending power levels.

I first dropped down to 3W also, still the report was 57 so still some mileage left in that power yet, I cut this in half again to 1.5W still perfectly audible to Tony. Time to get serious and sub 1W, so i dropped it right back to 400mW, still no problem, so I only had one setting left to try, 100mW. Now I never imagined 100mW on SSB would go very far at all, but I was still a 53 to Tony (admittedly only located over in Bromley, London).

After this I cranked back up to 10W and we continued our QSO, during which a couple of other stations called in giving reports of my 100mW experiment, Dave G0ELJ in Birmingham and GW0WRI near Swansea also reported me as being perfectly audible. These guys had been listening in all along (you never know who’s listening!) and I was happy to get these reports.

This experimentation reaffirmed by belief that QRP power can be highly effective when band conditions are right, I regularly hit the States & Canada on 5w SSB from SOTA summits but this was the first time I’d experimented with sub 1W. I look forward to trying this again in the future!

Here’s the full log from the 3 hour activation (I couldn’t feel my hands at the end!):

Time Call Band Mode
15:27z M6HVI 7MHz SSB
15:27z G6TUH 7MHz SSB
15:29z G0RQL 7MHz SSB
15:30z PA7ZEE 7MHz SSB
15:33z G0ELJ 7MHz SSB
15:33z G4AFI 7MHz SSB
15:34z M0MDA 7MHz SSB
15:35z M0JLA 7MHz SSB
15:36z PA0SKP 7MHz SSB
15:37z M0IBC 7MHz SSB
15:38z M0IML 7MHz SSB
15:40z 2W0ZEC 7MHz SSB
15:41z PA0B 7MHz SSB
15:43z G4WSB 7MHz SSB
15:44z G4OBK 7MHz SSB
15:45z M1CNL 7MHz SSB
15:47z EA2CKH 7MHz SSB
15:48z G8VNW 7MHz SSB
15:49z M0BKV 7MHz SSB
15:51z 2W0XOT 7MHz SSB
15:53z OO7F 7MHz SSB
15:55z F8CZI 7MHz SSB
15:57z OE5AUL 7MHz SSB
16:06z DL8FQ 7MHz SSB
16:08z M6BLV 7MHz SSB
16:14z MM3WED 7MHz SSB
16:18z ON4LK 7MHz SSB
16:23z G0WKL 7MHz SSB
16:26z 2E0IGM 7MHz SSB
16:35z G0POT 7MHz SSB
17:00z 2E0TSA/P 7MHz SSB
17:02z G0ELJ 7MHz SSB
17:11z F1PIV 7MHz SSB
17:16z GW0WRI 7MHz SSB
17:27z G0HRT 7MHz SSB
17:30z 2E0MIX 7MHz SSB
17:34z DL3JFA 7MHz SSB
17:58z GM4JEJ 5MHz SSB
18:00z G0RQL 5MHz SSB
18:02z G4ZRP 5MHz SSB
18:05z G7LAS 5MHz SSB
18:25z G4AFI 5MHz SSB
18:29z G8ADD 5MHz SSB


7 thoughts on “QRPp Experiments with 100mW SSB on 40m

  1. Reply DL3RR - Robert Jan 16,2015 08:21

    Amazing work! I have only just discovered your site, and will be checking back in future.

    What sort of Antenna were you using during the 100mW experiments?

    • Reply James Stevens Jan 16,2015 09:16

      Hi Robert,

      Thanks for your comment, I was using a home made linked dipole at the time. More recently I’ve been on the Canary Islands (EA8) and have made 100mW SSB contacts back to the UK and 400mW SSB into the United States on 10m. I’ll write these experiments up when I get back to the UK.

      James M0JCQ

  2. Reply 2E0TSA Jan 24,2015 16:15

    JAMES, we will have do the hill se002 again this time I hope to see you up there, will have to get some video for the tube.:)

    • Reply James Stevens Jan 25,2015 17:09

      Sounds good Tony, I’ll drop you a line next time I’m thinking of heading to an SE summit 😉

  3. Reply 2E0TSA Sep 16,2015 06:33

    James, mate I love reading this,I’ll be back on the hills this winter,as you know I now have the 817nd, it works great for a little radio.chat soon m8.

    • Reply James Stevens Sep 16,2015 07:49

      Thanks Tony, I’d forgotten about this night, seems like years ago now but still quite vivid in my memory. It was the first time I had operated using moonlight – it’s the future I reckon!

      Enjoy using your 817nd, I also got one a few months ago and will be taking it to the mountains in EA1/EA2 in a few days time for some SOTA fun.

      73 James M0JCQ

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