SOTA Activation in the Dark: Mynydd Llangorse (GW/SW-015) 2

View onto reservoir at sunset

View onto reservoir at sunset

This was my 3rd and final summit that I activated on the 21st of March… which was a good job as I started the ascent at dusk!

After descending from Mynydd Troed (GW/SW-009) I reached the car park and started walking up the other side to this summit. The ascent up looked easy and quick, however when getting to the top I realised that it was not the actual summit, as it plateaus and the actual summit trig point is about another 1km in the distance.

View over to Mynydd Llangorse (GW/SW-015) during ascent

View over to Mynydd Llangorse (GW/SW-015) during ascent

Given the fact it was almost dark I started to take regular way markers on my Garmin GPS, so that I could follow them back in the pitch black after the activation.

Upon reaching the trig point (a WAB TP) I quickly setup in the inky twilight.

Dipole in the inky twilight

Dipole in the inky twilight

Equipment setup on trig

Equipment setup on trig

After turning on the Elecraft KX3 I heard to my horror Ukrainian contest QRM across 40m, which must have started at some point between me leaving the previous summit and arriving at this one! This made life quite difficult as these stations were very loud and across the band! I eventually sent my spot and started operating, M0IML was first in the log, followed by M0MDA, G0RQL, G6TUH and finally G0TRB. Everyone commented that it was hard to pull me out because of the heavy QRM and I had to concede and pack up after 5 minutes of operating!

Time Call Band
18:56z M0IML 7MHz
18:56z M0MDA 7MHz
18:57z G0RQL 7MHz
18:59z G6TUH 7MHz
19:01z G0TRB 7MHz
Leaving the trigpoint in the dark

Leaving the trigpoint in the dark

I had one more contact than needed for a valid SOTA activation so I pulled the plug and started the descent back to the car park. Thankfully I didn’t get lost during the night time descent and drove to the B&B for my evening meal and well earnt rest.



2 thoughts on “SOTA Activation in the Dark: Mynydd Llangorse (GW/SW-015)

  1. Reply Ian G4WTF Mar 11,2016 19:54

    Hi James,
    We spoke today on our respective SOTA expeditions S2S whilst you were on Pen Y Fan.
    I notice you have got the 4 peaks in today and I wish you well for tomorrow. Could you please tell me which logging software you are using on your iPad (as seen in your video) and how well does it work in transferring your SOTA QSO’s up to the SOTALOG database?
    Hope to work you again soon.
    Ian G4WTF

    • Reply James Stevens Mar 14,2016 17:54

      Hi Alan,

      Nice to work you on Friday, the weather was unexpectedly brilliant!

      I use RumLog on the iPad, when I get home I export it and then import it into my main log which is RumLog on my Mac. From here there’s a dedicated SOTA export function. I upload the generated file to the SOTA site and all is taken care of.

      This works really well when you’ve racked up a large amount of QSO’s on a summit 🙂

      73, James M0JCQ

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