SOTA activation of England’s highest summit: Scafell Pike

Approaching Scafell Pike

Approaching Scafell Pike

While on holiday in the Lake District with the YL in July, I activated ten SOTA summits. The focus of these walks was not SOTA, but instead all day walking, so brevity and lightweight gear was the order of the day – 2m FM was the natural choice.

We chose to do Scafell Pike (G/LD-001 – 978m ASL – 10 points) on the best day of WX and we were not disappointed, it was sunny and we even had a cloud free summit! Scafell Pike is England’s highest mountain, so we were really lucky with the weather, hence the video of the activation:


Time Call Band Mode
13:35z M6TTZ 144MHz FM
13:36z 2E0LDF 144MHz FM
13:38z G4WHA/M 144MHz FM
13:39z M0NOM 144MHz FM
13:40z G0TDM 144MHz FM
13:42z G4OOE/P 144MHz FM
13:43z M0PYG/P 144MHz FM
13:45z G0HRT 144MHz FM
13:46z MW6ISV 144MHz FM
13:47z GW0PLP 144MHz FM
13:48z GW4ZPL/P 144MHz FM
13:51z M0RCL/P 144MHz FM
13:53z M0KPW/P 144MHz FM
13:55z 2E0MIX 144MHz FM
13:58z GD4SVD 144MHz FM

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