Steamy Bangkok

We’re now in Thailand our third country of the trip. We flew out of Kathmandu yesterday and everything went surprisingly well, despite an upset stomach.

We arrived in Bangkok at 7pm and proceeded to head to China Town which was an experience, as we wondered down labyrinth like streets in the dark, while one old man tried to feed me sweets, very surreal!

The heat here is crazy compared to Nepal, and the humidity makes it feel very tropical.

The thing we noticed the most when arriving in Thailand is how much more money there is here, for the first time since leaving Europe we’ve seen good roads, and many skyscrapers. Everything seems to be so organised as well, cars even slow down to let you cross the road! We didn’t notice it the last time we visited Bangkok, but i think India and Nepal show a much bigger contrast.

Today we sorted out our Laos visa, and just have our Cambodian visa to obtain tomorrow before we can leave Bangkok, and head to a nice island. We’re not sure of our route through Thailand yet, but we’ll add something later. Roughly we’re heading south to the Islands, and then all the way back up to the north of Thailand where in one months time we’ll cross into Laos.

We had chicken for the first time in ages yesterday, it was gorgeous. I also samples a curious flavour of crisps: “Garlic Soft shell Crabs”, made by Lays (or walkers), that can only exist in Thailand!

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