Taj Mahal 2

We’ve seen it! In fact i’m typing this only 200 odd meters away from it!

We arrived in Agra yesterday and we visited it first thing this morning getting up at 5am (these early starts hurt!), the Taj Mahal is even more amazing in real life than in the photos, and is a real feat of engineering. However it’s set in quite a noisy horrible little city, you can never imagine such beauty could exist here!

We heard a myth that after the King completed the Taj Mahal he was talking about constructing an exact replica on the other side of the river, except it would use black marbel, and he would be buried in it. I really wish that had happened but they locked him away before he could spend any more money! If there had been two, one black and one white it would have represented the duality of good and evil quite nicely!

Tomorrow we leave for the desert state of Rajasthan on a 6am train out of here (another early start!). We’re then looking to go to the towns of Jaipur, Bundi, and Pushka.

The north of India is really cold some of the time, it’s really strange to see the Taj Mahal in something like 5 degrees this morning!

2 thoughts on “Taj Mahal

  1. Reply Anonymous Jan 25,2009 16:27

    Hello you two!
    I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog entries! You have a wonderful way of expressing things, James. And it helps us to improve our English. I really envie you for having been to the Taj Mahal!
    Keep well, look after yourselves!

  2. Reply James Stevens Jan 26,2009 08:13

    You’re too kind Heidi!

    We’re due to be in Udaipur from tomorrow after leaving Pushkar at midnight tonight.

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