Tropical Beach Hippiedom

We left Panjim last Sunday and travelled using the local buses up to Arambol, the northern most tip of Goas coast. It’s a strange place, completely geared up for travellers, and not that Indian, the beach shack we stayed in however was right on the beach, and it had resident pigs. The main town itself is littered with every new age piece of paraphanalia you can imagine, but the beach was amazing and it’s still a novelty to share the beach with hoardes of cows and dogs.
After two days we moved south down to Anjuna which is a little less busy than Arambol and also has gorgeous beaches. The place has a bit more of an edge to it though, we walked down the main dirt track and everytime we’re offered a large range of drugs, never in 10 seconds have i been offered so much variety, many ways to end up in an indian prison here!

Tomorrow we catch a train for 14 hrs down to Indias most southern state Kerela, where we’re looking forward to seeing one of the most successful communist states, and of course gorgeous, lush, waterways.

After Kerela we have the task of travelling from South India to North India, which if done by train will take 40+ hours, we need to think this one through a bit, there’s only so much train travel one human can take!

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