Using the 4m Tring “Parrot” Repeater 2

Temporary lash up to test element lengths

Temporary lash up to test dual band Moxon

Now I’m setup on 4m from the home QTH (see Dual Band 4/6m Moxon Antenna Experiment) I’ve been able to explore a repeater oddity just down the road from me called the “Tring Parrot” in IO91, known officially as GB7FM.

First of all it operates on 4m, there’s not too many repeaters on this band and secondly it’s a simplex repeater. This means you broadcast your message, which the repeater records and then plays back at the end of your transmission, hence the nickname!

I setup the Icom 7300 to broadcast the correct CTSS tone on the simplex frequency and it works. Being a 4m repeater there’s not too much activity and no one has come back to the few calls I’ve put through it yet (update: see bottom of page for QSO video). My main motivation was just to see quite a different form of repeater to the standard half-duplex that we’re all used to.

You can see the repeater in action here:

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  1. Reply Guy May 11,2018 14:37

    Came across your site today. As soon as i got here I got a message about signing up for updates. I did not want to at that time as I had just arrived.

    I really like the site and want to sign up but can I find where? I even loaded your site in a different browser but no popup.

    What’s the secret? GREAT site. So good I’ll be reading it later instead of operating.

    73 de Guy G4DWV 4X1LT

    PS If you have many visitors, how about a forum? easy to set up and run, but that’s another story.

    • Reply James Stevens May 11,2018 16:06

      Hi Guy,

      Thanks for the kind words. I’ve added you to the mailing list manually so you’ll get updates about future posts from now on.

      The sign up dialogue is shown based on whether you’ve previously seen it, but it won’t always show it if you haven’t. It’s basically set not to bombard you guys with those pesky notifications đŸ™‚

      73 James M0JCQ

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