White Christmas! 2

It has snowed on Christmas day! The snow held off until evening and has started falling, with temperatures due to drop to minus 10 degrees tonight, chilly!

We went out for a Christmas evening walk to experience snow on Christmas day, which for an Englishman is quite a rare occurance.

Here’s some snow graffitti we carried out on some unassuming ping pong table, we thought it would be cool to write this in snow, and then a few months later in sand on a tropical beach somewhere in Asia.

Two days ago we visited the town of Regensburg which is about one and a half hours outside of Munich by train. It’s very well known for it’s Christmas market which is held on the premises of a royal palace. We visited this after dark, which was very nice and really Christmassy, the German christmas is a lot more traditional and in some ways retains some of the magic of Christmas that we seem to have lost in England through over commercialisation.

At the Christmas market i also discovered the culinary delights of the half meter feuerwurst (fire sausage), it’s a hot dog and a half (metre)!

This photo is of me and Christinas father (Georg)

Tomorrow we’re due to visit the mountains which will be nice, especially after all the snow we’re due to have tonight.

2 thoughts on “White Christmas!

  1. Reply emma Dec 27,2008 12:39

    looks like james has died and landed right in heaven with that foot long sausage thing xx

  2. Reply Nan and Ken Jan 1,2009 13:46

    Happy New Year Hope you had a good flight. Now you can get down to the serious stuff of enjoying yourselves. Nan and Ken.

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