Naked Sadhu kisses Christina!

We reluctantly left Dharamsala a few days ago on an over night bus to Rishikesh. Dharamsala was quite literally a breath of fresh air, the mountains and gentle spirit of the Tibetans helped a lot as well. We actually saw the Dalai Lama as well! Completely by accident we were walking close to his residence ...

A slice of Tibet in Dharamsala 1

Yesterday we left Amritsar for Dharamsala, this involved three separate local buses and one rickshaw! The local buses are a lot of fun but quite painful, the total journey time was around 10 hours, and we’re now at an elevation of 1770 meters, which means there’s snow and it’s really cold!!! We’re staying in McLeod ...

India so far

Here’s an overview of where we’ve been so far in India… View Larger Map

Desert Safari!

We’ve finished the desert state of Rajhastan now, and befitting of a desert state we had to go out into the desert! Through our hotel we organized a two day and one night trip into the desert on camels. We went especially far into the desert via jeep to get away from the usual tourist ...

Pushkar Paradise

We’re now in the desert town of Pushkar in the state of Rajahstan. The temperature is hot again here after several cool days in Delhi and Agra, so liking that 🙂 We arrived in Pushkar on Saturday at 9am after leaving Jaipur on a 5:55am bus, and we’re leaving at 12am tonight on a sleeper ...

Taj Mahal 2

We’ve seen it! In fact i’m typing this only 200 odd meters away from it! We arrived in Agra yesterday and we visited it first thing this morning getting up at 5am (these early starts hurt!), the Taj Mahal is even more amazing in real life than in the photos, and is a real feat ...

Delhi ahoy 2

We finally made it to North India! Over 2000km later and three trains! Our plans kind of fell to crap for a bit but we got there in the end. Our decision to leave Kollam for Hyderabad was a badly timed one, we arrived at the train station on the day and could only get ...

Delhi Belly

Finally we made it to North India. It was a bit of a journey! The first train was a 26 hour journey to Hyderabad (middle of India), we were too late to get any reservation of any sort so we had to buy an unreserved second class ticket, this class it actually the lowest

Heading in one direction

We’ve now done the state of Kerala, and had a really great time cruising through the lush tropical back waters on numerous boats. It’s been really beautiful here, and the people are very friendly and relaxed. We got talking to some lovely villagers the other night who invited us to have dinner with them. They ...

Kommunist Kerala 2

We’re now in the very south of India in the communist state of Kerala, it’s really strange that only one state is communist, but you know when you’re here as there’s red flags (with the hammer and sickle) everywhere! I should wear my Che Guevara t-shirt but it’s far, far too dirty, as are all ...
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