SOTA Activation of Sugar Loaf Mountain (GW/SW-011) 4

Me approaching summit

On Saturday 7th of March I managed to grab a quick SOTA activation of Sugar Loaf Mountain (596m ASL – GW/SW-011) during a 20km walk in the Welsh hills with my wife. It was her birthday weekend so SOTA was definitely not the focus and she was gracious to let me activate this hill as we passed through. This was appreciated as this summit during the SOTA winter bonus season is worth 5 points (2+3 bonus pts)!

We walked the 4km ascent to the summit, which is in itself one of the more impressive that I’ve visited in the UK. The summit really is quite pointed and is visible for some distance around. This picture of me at the summit trigpoint (WAB TP6243) should give you an idea of what I’m talking about:

Me at the Trig PointThe summit is a busy one with many walkers and is quite narrow so it’s quite hard to setup here for HF. I staked out the 40/60/80m dipole along the ridge, out of the way as much as possible (not easy!) and set-up the Elecraft KX3 for 40m SSB. My wife kindly filmed me mid-QSO with M6GFF; this will give you an idea of the amazing operating view I had from up here:

In a rush I typed the summit reference in the incorrect format for the UK SOTA SMS spotting service, typing GW/SW-011 instead of “gw sw011” so my spots never appeared on the SOTAWatch site! Of course as an activator without mobile internet on a summit you don’t get any confirmation as to whether the spot went through or not! I only realised the mistake after leaving the summit as I was scratching my head as to where the pile up was. The four QSO’s were made the traditional way by calling CQ and snagging stations stumbling across me.

Thanks to the following stations for enabling me to activate the summit:

Time Call Band Mode
11:49z G4DUL 7MHz SSB
11:55z M6KJF 7MHz SSB
11:57z M5AIB 7MHz SSB
12:00z M6GFF 7MHz SSB

View from Sugar Loaf Mountain


Sign to Sugar Loaf Mountain





4 thoughts on “SOTA Activation of Sugar Loaf Mountain (GW/SW-011)

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  2. Reply Chris G1PCR Apr 25,2015 23:10

    Hi James
    I too am planning a SOTA trip to GW/SW land. You mention in your blog self spotting using SMS, can you give me details as how to do this please.

    Many thanks

    • Reply James Stevens May 13,2015 08:27

      Hi Chris,

      You can find out all about the SMS SOTA spotting service here:

      You need to register your number first through mm0fmf at hotmail dot com.

      It works well for me, especially when you don’t have any data coverage on a summit 😉

      James M0JCQ

      • Reply Chris G1PCR May 13,2015 18:57

        Thanks James, I have emailed a request… Hopefully be ready for my little trip in a couple of weeks
        Warm regards and 73

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