SOTA Activation of Waun Rydd (GW/SW-004)

Localised heavy rain was the order of the day!

Localised heavy rain was the order of the day!

I climbed Waun Rydd on the 29th of May with my YL as part of an all day walk during a long weekend in the Brecon Beacons.

Waun Rydd is at 769m ASL & worth 6 SOTA points, so inevitably involves a proper hike up. There’s no roads leading up here so you have to don your walking boots in order to get up.

After 2 hours of walking up we arrived at Waun Rydd and despite horrible weather on the way up it had cleared slightly which gave me a brief window of opportunity to activate the summit.

The summit itself isn’t very distinctive and is covered in long grass and bogs in places. I quickly set everything up for 40m out of the worst of the wind.

The wind was still persistent and despite only a few drops of rain it promised to chuck it down, but thankfully within 11 minutes of spotting myself I had 14 stations in the log and decided to closed down. I don’t like activating for such a short amount of time but with the weather far from nice and the summit not particularly idyllic and with my wife with me I decided it would be for the best. Regardless of this it was still 7pm until we finished our walk!

This day was about walking rather than radio, but it was nice to activate this summit while passing and bag 6 SOTA points. The downside being I had to carry the equipment for the entire days walk!

Thanks to all the chasers who caught this glimpse and you’ll miss it activation and apologies to those who missed out!

Time Callsign Band Mode
13:17z M6KVJ 7MHz SSB
13:18z G6TUH 7MHz SSB
13:20z G0RQL 7MHz SSB
13:21z M0MDA 7MHz SSB
13:21z M0IBC 7MHz SSB
13:22z EA2DT 7MHz SSB
13:23z PA7ZEE 7MHz SSB
13:23z G0EVV 7MHz SSB
13:24z M1CNL 7MHz SSB
13:25z M3FEH 7MHz SSB
13:26z 2E0DIQ 7MHz SSB
13:27z DF5WA 7MHz SSB
13:28z G4OBK 7MHz SSB
13:28z ON7DQ 7MHz SSB

In my haste I didn’t take any pictures during the activation but did take the following after continuing my walk:

2015-05-29 13.42.07

My YL continuing the walk post activation

My YL continuing the walk post activation

Gorgeous Ridge near Summit

Look at that VHF takeoff

Look at that VHF takeoff!

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